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Ann has recorded two collections:


In Your Arms: a stirring collection of sacred music.


Gift of Love: a personal homage to the Christmas season that features both religious and secular selections. 


Arizona-based Ann Weiss' amazingly eclectic musical career is truly something to sing about. From her frequent appearances at many of the state's top resort and nightclub venues to her highly praised recording studio work, to her supervision of some of the most devoted choirs in the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, Ann's memorable mezzo-soprano has brought true joy to fans of secular and spiritual music throughout the Valley of the Sun. 

A Wisconsin native, Ann received her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and continued her classical training in some of the leading voice studios in Chicago and Boston. Upon her arrival in Arizona, during the heyday of live lounge music, Ann found her talents much in demand at the state's resorts where she performed jazz standards and popular ballads to much acclaim as the vivacious leader of the Ann James Trio. Always a person of deep faith, Ann hardly missed a beat when the resorts went towards recorded music, finding a sacred new home in Catholic music and liturgy. She served the Diocese of Phoenix for the past 30 years. 

Today she is entering a new chapter giving "glory and honor" to the One who leads us all through her prayer channel on Youtube (Here) and, hopefully, post-Covid, prayer and retreats for parishes. 

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